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How Cool is Jazz

Jazz is an original American art form and an essential part of our culture. Exposing our children to jazz is the top priority of Jazz in AZ. Many of tomorrow's great musicians and future audience for jazz are in our schools today. With cutbacks in the arts, it's up to us to introduce our children to jazz: the musical expression of American freedom.

How Cool Is Jazz is a one-hour assembly program that exposes 4th-graders to jazz. The program teaches the origin of jazz in work songs, the birth of jazz in New Orleans, and the role of Louis Armstrong. Musicians play jazz and demonstrate the unique quality of jazz: improvisation. Students are given a custom Jazz in AZ kazoo instrument, which they can immediately play and experience self-expression through improvisation, as well as the teamwork and discipline necessary to play with others. Follow-up surveys show that students remember the basic learnings, and that many students who join the school band were influenced to study an instrument by How Cool Is Jazz. That's very cool! To book How Cool Is Jazz at your school, email your request to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 480-994-0807.

Listen to a report about How Cool is Jazz that aired on NPR station kjazz.org.

How Cool Is Jazz is sponsored by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Scottsdale League for the Arts

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